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Mr. devesh was born on 27th september 1969 in Delhi. In 1990 he was graduated in B.com from delhi university. In 2006 he completed his studies of Tantra Bhushan from Bhartiya Vaidik Jyotish Sansthanm. In 2008 he completed his jyotish alankar studies and in 2009 he completed his studies of jyotish acharya from bhartiya vidhya bhawan in New Delhi . During his academics in 2009-10 he was doing research on topics related to jyotish under guidance of Mr. K.N. Rao. In 2010 he went to Institute of mystique science in New Delhi for further studies of palmistry.

After so much efforts and with the grace of god now, acharya Devesh kumar is trying to provide the proper guidance to the people. From 2016 he is also working on Theosophia Shyamanthaka Mission for Spiritual education.